Tomáš Kašpar "Kobdzey" is a drummer from Roudnice nad Labem. He plays drums since he was fifteen. Apart from playing he attends to the pedagogical activity, he teaches drums at the basic art school in Ústí n.L. and is a teacher at the summer courses in Prachatice. He acquired the music education at the University in Ústí n.L., he learnt to play drums at the basic art school in Roudnice n.L by B.Mach. Nowadays, he attends the private lessons by Jan Žižka.
His drummer models are in the first place V. Donati, T. Bozzio, S. Philips, N. Peart, Ch. Thompson, P. Collins. From these names we can conclude that he’s influenced mainly by the art rock music (Genesis, Yes, Rush, Planet-x, Pain of Salvation), but not only by this one, indeed. Of our drummers he’s being captivated by the musician approach of Franta Hönig above all - he’s bound by ties of a great friendship and cooperation to him as well. Maybe since ten years he plays exclusively the drums Sonor – now Delite and Designer, the cymbals have the trademark Istanbul Alchemy and Agop. He buys all these products by Franta Hönig whose service satisfies him greatly.
His playing has 2 fundamental layers – the first one is the accompany music and the other the solo music. At this layer, he tries to insert the music idea into the rhythms themselves and to work with it organically afterwards; there is everything subordinated to the musical view as well. He approaches the creation of a solo for the drum set as a musical composition.
He played at the Drum-art-week (organization of Š. Smetáček) recently. The drum play was presented there in various, for many participants unusual positions. It was mainly the matter of the work with rhythm by the composers of the classical music (Srnka, Franz). He would like to participate in such organizations more often, once he would like to cooperate with a composer - the classical music interests him the most (by the way - the topic of his diploma thesis was the architectonic analysis of the symphonies by A. Honegger ).
He plays steadily in the bands Bloody Mary (g. Honza Militký, b. Míra Dlouhý, k. Vítek Beneš, sax Kuba Doležal) and U.M.P. (g. Michal Kašpar, g. Tomáš Kašpar Senior, b. Zdeněk Imramovský, voc. Marek Holý).